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USB Credit Cards – slide or flip


In the past years, the branded USB credit cards are beginning to be more and more popular, and it seems that soon this innovative model will may overcome the traditional USB sticks. Let’s see the features of one of the most interesting of the USB cards, the slide USB credit card.

USB Credit Card Models

The USB credit cards are relatively new, they where launched about 3 years ago, and their popularity is increasing because of some key features they offer. They are only 2mm thick and they can fit in almost any wallet or purse since they have the same shape as a standard credit card. They are great as promotional products, since they can be sent in an envelope and qualify for the cheapest letter postage rates, because of their shape and size.

The third and the most important feature is the large print area. Both sides can be printed right up to the margins in full colour and you have a lot more space then on a traditional USB stick. If you can only print a simple logo on a promotional USB stick, on a USB credit card you can print your promotional message and even some representative images. Now you have room for your contact names, telephone numbers, website, Facebook page, email address, and more.

If you have a good design, your promotional USB credit card will look stunning and will get everybody’s attention. Despite their relative thickness, the USB credit cards can have the same capacities as a standard USB stick. You can still get 16GB or even 32GB memory capacities from a simple Credit Card USB. You can get two different types of Credit Card USB flash drives: the model that flips from the credit card or the model with the USB connector that slides out from the credit card completely.

The slide version is easy to use, but the USB connector might get lost really fast, since it has a relatively small size. The flip models on the other hand can’t get lost so easy, and they are also really easy to use.

No matter what kind of USB Credit Card you choose, remember to have all your important data printed, and you can still preload your catalogue, images or videos on the flash memory, to remind your customers, partners or employees about your products or services.

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