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Preloaded or blank USB Flash Drives


If you want to buy branded USB flash drives to promote your business, you have the opportunity to choose if you would like to have any preloaded data, such as a business catalogue or a brochure with your products or services and contact details. Here are a few of the main advantages of USB sticks with preloaded data to consider if you want to buy branded USB sticks.

The Pre-loaded USB flash drives

We offer the possibility to preload any data to your new branded USB sticks, or to buy them blank and then to preload the data yourself. But, especially if you ordered a larger quantity of USB sticks, you have to know that preloading them yourself might take a while. That’s exactly why we offer you the possibility to save that time and effort, by preloading your USB sticks. Preloading data to your USB drives is a great marketing service that will help you gain more visibility for your company on the long run. This way, clients will know where to find important information about your company and your products or services.

What type of information to preload on your USB sticks?

Any important information such as product prices or lists, pictures, presentation videos or even full catalogues can be preloaded on your promotional USB sticks. This way, when they arrive to your customers or partners, all the important data about your company will already be available. This way, potential clients will be able to make their mind about buying your products or services in the future. The USB sticks with preloaded data can significantly increase your sales, and also they will be a reminder of your products or services every time they are used. Depending on your company’s products or services, you can choose any kind of digital data to preload on your USB sticks, to double your chances of getting your brand noticed.

If you are buying a smaller number of USB sticks you can choose to buy the blank USB sticks and preload the data yourself. Also, weather you want to giveaway blank USB sticks or USB sticks with preloaded data depend on the type of giveaway, on the type of business you own and of the products you want to market and sell.

If you organize conferences, concerts, business meetings or other similar events, you may want to preload some personalised data on USB sticks you will then give to each participant. In this case, you can preload presentations, music or videos as a reminder of the event for the participants. Also, don’t forget to preload your contact information and your website and Social Media addresses, so your customers know how to find you for future events.

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