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Popular USB flash drives – the USB Pod


One of the most popular marketing and advertising tools and supports are the USB sticks. They represent a very affordable, unconventional and useful promotional gift, so more and more companies are using them to promote their business.

A branded USB device will always be a great gift for employees or customers, and today we are going to present you one of the most popular USB flash drives out there, the USB pod. The USB Pod (as the name suggests) had a round, capsule-like shape, and it’s made of resilient rubberised plastic. Its unique and characteristic shape makes it perfect to promote pharmaceutical companies or medical cabinets.

Promotional USB flash drives

Branded USB sticks can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the very simple ones to the creative designs or 2 in 1 types of flash drives; so if you already decided to use a promotional USB drive for your next marketing campaign, you might get confused after reviewing all the available USB sticks. Remember that the most important thing to look for in a USB drive is it’s ability to adapt to the products or services your company has to offer. You should choose a shape that reminds people of the products you are selling, so when they see your branded promotional USB stick with your logo after several month, they can remember what your company does.

Also, you have to pay attention to the material the USB memory stick is made from. You can choose from plastic, leather, steel or even bamboo, if your company is concerned about the environmental problems.

Remember to always look for a connection between your company’s products, values and communication strategy and the promotional gifts you are giving away. The USB Pod can be a great promotional gift if you would like to market a pharmaceutical business, a medical cabinet or anything related to doctors and medicines, since its simple shape can be a reminder of the shape of some prescription drugs.


The USB pod has a simple, yet efficient design, with its two halves that reveal a classic USB flash drive. The design is eye catchy, clean and simple, making it the ideal stick for promoting your business. The simple and minimalist design can also come a lot cheaper than a more complicated design; this way, you can use the same budget to get even more branded USB sticks to giveaway for your marketing campaigns.

With the right colour selection and your company’s logo, the USB Pod can be a great marketing tool that can endorse the loyalty of your clients and partners and increase the awareness of your brand.

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