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Mobile internet or Satellite?


Today, the mobile data technologies made the internet access available for everyone, anywhere. If you live in area where there are no DSL or cable internet providers, you can always go for the satellite internet or for the mobile internet.

Until now, the satellite connection was far better, from the transfer speed point of view. But with the development and implementation of the 4G technology, the mobile internet is a viable alternative for those that want a high speed mobile internet connection.

One of the greatest advantages of the 4G technology is that you can connect to the internet from everywhere. All you need is network coverage, which is not a big issue today, and a USB internet stick to plug into your desktop or laptop’s USB port. This way, you can have a convenient internet access to check your e-mail or respond to them, browse or preform any other activity you desire. And you can do this even if you’re travelling or stuck in traffic.

The satellite connection, on the other hand, has very limited mobility, as you have to stay in the range of the satellite dish. But, unlike the mobile internet, you can connect multiple computers to satellite connection. This provides flexibility, to some extent, so the choice is really up to you and your needs.

Considering traffic speeds, depending on your provider and on network coverage, the mobile internet connection can have big variations unfortunately. And consider that not all providers are offering the 4G technology. As it is or was implemented first in large cities or high populated areas, residing in a place where you have no 4G coverage may be a problem. So ask the provider first if your location has this type of network coverage.

Now, if we consider the costs, the satellite and the mobile internet are approximately the same, but it all depends on the chosen plan. Providers offer many such connection plans for both services, but the mobile internet that are usually found with the mobile phone companies come with some other advantages. And, do not overlook the fact that both services always require a signed commercial contract.

In terms of cost, the advantage of satellite connection is that you can download and upload more then on the mobile internet. If you go over your plan’s limit, with the satellite connection, in most cases, you only experience a drop in speed. With the mobile connection, the providers usually charge for the extra traffic. So, keep an eye on your traffic volume.

Beside the technical differences, the satellite and the mobile internet are different mostly in the plans that are offered by the providers. So, study them carefully and choose the right one for you, based on your needs. But, we are sure of one fact, and that is the developing and improving of the USB mobile internet. Right now, the satellite connections is still an option, but for how long, it remains to be seen.


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