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Iron Square Metal USB stick


Another popular USB memory stick is the Square Metal USB, which combines the easy to use clip model with the robustness of the metal body. This way, the Iron Square USB stick maintains its quality standards, while still providing a great looking, elegant and robust gadget. Here are some of the most important qualities that distinguish the Iron Square USB stick from other branded USB drives and that will make you want to use this great model to promote your business.

When deciding what kind of USB stick you want to choose to promote your business, you should always think about what qualities are the most important for you. If you need a robust, strong and elegant USB drive that can be personalised with your company’s logo, the Iron USB square is the perfect choice for you.

Data Protection

The metal body case looks amazing, but it’s more then just a design feature. It will keep your data protected all the time, since it will not be affected by any external factors that could damage it. That’s the reason why this particular model is preferred by IT professionals or other experts that carry important data.


These innovative USB sticks offer more then a hard and sturdy iron case; just as any other USB sticks, they can be personalised and engraved with your company’s logo, so you can use them in your marketing campaigns. They are a great choice for your marketing campaigns since they don’t look cheep and have a really professional appearance. The Iron Square Metal USB sticks can be printed on both sides, offering more visibility to your brand and maximising the print area, so you can also add some contact details too.


Just as any other USB stick, the personalised Iron USB square can be used to promote your business, but it can also be used for schools and universities or as giveaways for your partners or employees. They make great gifts since they can last longer then any other USB sticks, and this way they can promote your business for a longer period of time.

All this advantages make the Iron Square USB one of the most popular models. They combine the robust qualities of a solid metal USB stick with the elegant, square design to create a great impression. If you are looking for a USB stick that can last longer and look professional, look no further: the Iron Square USB might be the perfect tool to promote your business in an inexpensive, but really classy way.

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