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How to use USB Silicon Wristbands


USB wristbands are great if you want to make an impact with your promotional USB drives. An USB flash drive built in a rubber bracelet can be a great promotional item and since it’s worn on display it can make an even bigger impact then traditional USB sticks. The USB Wristbands are among the most popular USB flash drives, since they are easy to use, fun and can be used in numerous marketing campaigns to benefit your business. They are ideal promotional products for supporting specific causes, fundraising events or sport events, but they can also be used for concerts, camping or other events that require a solid and resistant USB bracelet. The USB Wristbands are made from high quality silicone rubber, and therefore are more appropriate for some audiences then other souvenirs such as pens or key rings.


USB Wristband composition

The material used to make the USB Wristbands is a100% latex free silicon that can have a very flexible texture, for more durability. The wristbands can be manufactured in a very wide range of colours, giving you the possibility to pantone match the wristband colour with your company’s logo, for a more powerful message. Also, you have a larger print area then on a standard USB stick, and that means you can also add a meaningful message.


Silicone USB Wristbands

In the digital era, information and mobility are the main keywords, and the USB wristband can carry any digital data or promotional message from a company or event organiser. Musical artists can order silicone USB wristbands to offer them as a gift for their fans with their new record with music, videos or lyrics, for example. But corporate business can also benefit from the USB Wristbands in various ways. From annual reports to information about new clients, all kinds of creative uses can be found for the USB Wristbands, in order to save paper and use the new technology instead. Also, they can be perfect as a gift for clients, instead paper catalogues, to save paper and print.

These are only a few of the ways a USB wristband can be used to promote a business or an event, but the possibilities are endless, depending on your businesses main activity. They are great giveaways, and since they are meant to be worn all the time, they can increase the awareness of your business.

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