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How to choose the right USB stick


If you need a handy, creative and interesting way to promote your business, you should consider the promotional USB sticks. They are easy to use, they can carry your logo and your data and they have great prices if ordered in time and in larger quantities. But with so many available models on the market, you are probably wondering how to choose the right one to suit your business without costing too much. Here are a few advices about how to choose the right USB stick for your next giveaway.

In the last couple of years, technology evolved really fast, providing a revolutionary way to carry, share and store digital data. If only a few years ago, we had to carry around our CD’s to store and share data, nowadays we have a small device, that fits in our pocket and can store all our important files and folders.

Actually, very few people use their own USB flash drives, most people use branded USB sticks they received as a gift or giveaway from work, business partners, or certain events. That’s why it’s important to choose a visible, creative, fun and easy to use USB design for your businesses next marketing campaign. Aesthetics is always an important aspect, especially when it comes to USB sticks. A colourful and funny design, or a personalised design that is designed especially for your company, like the Bespoke USB, can make the difference. If your company’s promotional USB sticks look great, people will want to use them, carry them all the time while promoting your business to everyone they meet in the same time.

Also, remember that even the most creative and funny USB stick becomes useless if it lacks a sufficient memory capacity. You can find a wide range of memory capacities on the market, from 64MB to 16GB and much more. Keep in mind what your target market is and find out what memory capacity might suit their needs according to their occupation and interests. For instance, if your business sells photo cameras, your target audience might be professional photographers who need a slightly larger memory capacity in order to be comfortable carrying their work.

Also, young people also tend to carry music, videos or pictures on their USB stick, and these files can cover a bit more space on the flash drive. Consider that an average memory size that may suit every target audience around 8 GB. Also, don’t forget to check out the transfer speed, because your potential customers shouldn’t have to wait for hours to get their files transferred.

Of course, the price of your branded USB sticks may go up if you choose a larger memory size or a faster device, but if you decided to invest in an interesting design that suits your company, you should not be cheap when it comes to the way your branded USB sticks work, since those characteristics will make your customers choose your product and promote your business.

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