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Gift boxes for branded USB flash drives


There is no argue about the fact that branded USB sticks gifted in nice packaging have more impact on the receiver. But there is also another side of this story, concept or action. And gift boxes for USB flash drives make no exception. By some receivers these are seen as a waste of materials and they are not far from truth.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide how to present your gifts. Every company should study how their targeted segment will react to their marketing campaigns and how much impact packaging of branded USB sticks will have on the customers, prospects, employees or partners. You have to put all the aspects in the balance and make a choice.

Usually, the branded USB flash drives come in individual plastic bags. But these are not for the aesthetic value of the products. They only provide protection against shakes or scratches during transit. Just like many other people and organisations, we think that packed in custom boxes, the promotional USB flash drives will not only look better, but they look like actual gifts and become distinct from the other regular advertising giveaways. They create much higher impact on the receiver and add even more value to your branded USB sticks.

If you plan to use your branded USB sticks for corporate executives, business delegates, speakers at conferences or other potential high net worth clients, then custom packaging is the best way to do it. In the boxes you can even place the accessories of your promotional item and other advertising materials. These packages will be more suitable, will make your product look better and will help you avoid embarrassing situations.

But even thou gift boxes provide a lot of positive aspects, don’t focus on them. After all, the giveaway is important, not the box. Don’t make these packages become the centre of your customers’ attention. Try to find balance. It’s more important to make your promotional items appealing, to provide a better and longer functionality, in order to expose your brand longer and with higher efficiency. Otherwise, your branded USB stick will just end up in the bin.

From a certain point of view, we agree with the ‘anti-gift-box’ movement. No matter of the materials used in the manufacturing of the packaging options of the USB flash drives, they will most likely end up in the bin. All the energy used for the production of the materials, the manufacturing of the boxes, their transport and so on, is vital to our planet and, in the end, to us. If for your giveaways, packaging if unnecessary, then avoid it. We should always try to make the best choice for our businesses, our environment and for us.

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