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Distributing music using branded USB Flash Drives


USB flash drives are amazing gadgets, which can be branded and used as giveaways in marketing or advertising campaigns, no matter of the industry that uses them.

Branded USB sticks in the music industry

One of the great examples of unique and creative way to use branded USB sticks is in the music industry, by distributing album releases, fan merchandise, passes or tickets to certain live events and so on. Of course, these branded USB flash drives can be preloaded with the desired materials, in order to be ready for mass distribution at the moment they are received. And also, they can be further customised with different packaging options, which will make the promotional USB sticks memorable items for the most important audience.

Many artists and bands used these products and, today, their success stories are truly inspiring. We can mention the Josh Davis Band that started to sell their music on USB flash drives and not on the more traditional CDs. This also allowed them to offer their fans the new releases at every live event, along with other promotional and informative materials about the band.

Also, there is the polish band, Yoga Terror, which used their FanDrive, a branded USB wristband, to provide their fans benefits like free concert tickets, bonus tracks or discounts at shows. And, let’s not forget Näääk, the Swedish hip-hop group that got country wide recognition on national TV, using a branded USB Credicard to release their album.

So if you’re part of the music, media or other entertaining and creative industry, try using the most customisable promotional item on the market, the USB flash drive. To get to the next level in organising a future event, fell free to contact us and receive your branded USB in a flash.

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