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Disposable USB flash drives


Is this reality or a myth created by some marketing executive? Are really the cardboard, PVC, plastic or other material USB sticks, safe to be simply disposed without any impact on the environment? Can they be recyclable or have their memory reused?

Well, in reality, marketing and advertising executives are actually paid to elaborate creative strategies that may use disposable USB flash drives as concept. But most of these products are not in fact USB memory drives, but rather USB web keys.

The USB Web Keys

The USB Web Keys are very similar to the USB flash drives, but their only purpose is to launch the user’s personal computer or Mac browser to a preloaded website address. The web key has almost no memory space, so nothing else can be stored on it.

This promotional product is mostly used for web-based marketing or advertising, to increase the user traffic of a website and to attract new visitors. So, after usage, this item can be easily disposed or recycled, as it becomes unnecessary.

The concept of the USB Web Keys is not new, but is quite effective. They trigger curiosity and receivers tend to plug them in just to see what happens next. As a promotional item, they can be an important part in a direct mail campaign, as a magazine insert or by other creative manner.

Regarding the USB flash drives, their prices are still quite high to just consider them disposable, even the ones with a small memory capacity. And reusing their memory is far less common.

On the other hand, branded USB sticks with registered falling prices during the years are still viewed as high valued promotional products by the customers that receive them. And there is no company that will suggest their customers the idea that their giveaways should be disposed of after their message is received. Not only that their eco-friendly credentials will not be endorsed, but, in the best case scenario, it will drive away a part of their targeted market segment and their brand awareness will be increased just for a short while.

So, actual disposable USB flash drives, which are available only for a couple of pennies, do not exist and, if the current manufacturing trend continues, they will never exist. To be disposable, companies using this concept have to be prepared to spend more on their promotional items, because they will be more expensive, and direct their focus on the message that encourages receivers to throw away a perfectly good and usable product. And how does this sound to you?

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