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Deleting files from pre-loaded branded USB flash drives


Unfortunately, mistakes can happen at any time. The reasons are numerous, but how they are corrected is more important. And if these happen when we work within a tight schedule, we have to deal with them in the most effective manner.

And what do you do if your branded USB flash drives have not been loaded correctly or if you realise that the original files delivered to your supplier have an error? Imagine that you just received the ordered products and your promotional event starts in just a few days. What happens now, what are your options?

The first step you have to take after ordering you batch of branded USB sticks is to minimise these kinds of risks. To do this, always request screen grabs of the products and of the data that is pre-loaded by your supplier. Also, you can request pre-production samples of the ordered branded USB flash drives, but in this case, expect longer lead times. So, if you have a tight schedule, this may not be possible.

Pre-loaded data

Now, if the requested pre-loaded data is not protected or if it doesn’t have an autorun option, you can simply erase the files from your branded USB sticks and reload them. To do this, our suggestion is to contact your supplier, because reloading data for 100 units, or more, can be a very painful endeavour, unless you have the manpower and the time to do it. For the reload process, all you have to do is to send back the products to the supplier, for a format and data upload. With specialised equipment, this process can be completed in just a few hours, for up to 3000 units.

On the other hand, for branded USB sticks with data protection or autorun option, the real problem emerges. These pre-loading methods are designed specifically to stop the erasing of changing data. So, in this case, there is little you can do. Your branded USB sticks will have to be returned to the manufacturer or to your suppliers, if they possess the special software that can perform these modifications.

In this most unfortunate situation, the time to do all the required modifications by the manufacturer, can take around two weeks. But if you don’t have this time, only your supplier or other specialised company may be able to help you with the special software mentioned above. It allows the access to a protected branded USB flash drive’s mini operating system, so data can be erased.

With the erasing part finalised, it’s time to load the data with protection again. This is another challenge, because it all comes down if your supplier owns that particular USB controller software to perform this action. And so on and so forward, a lot of headaches.

The whole idea is to prevent or minimise the risk of mistakes by requesting and carefully analysing screen grabs of your products and of the data loaded onto them. To rectify a simple mistake, in the case of branded USB sticks, can be very stressful and possibly costly.

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