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Creative Branded USB sticks


The branded USB sticks are among the most efficient ways to increase a business visibility, but in order to get the client’s attention, you have to come up with new and innovative USB flash drives, taking into consideration your target audience’s age and preferences. Here are some creative branded USB sticks and flash drives to help your business stand out from the crowd.

The USB Wristband

If you address to a younger audience, it might be a great idea to stick to the traditional silicon USB Wristbands. They can come in various colours, and can be a great gadget if you are in the business of organising events, concerts, festivals or charitable events. All you have to do is print your logo and a cool headline and your clients will promote your business furthermore, by carrying it at their wrist.

Leather and metal USB Wristbands

If you want to use the USB Wristbands to promote your business, but you need something more fashionable and sophisticated then the silicone, you can always use leather and metal USB wristbands. Younger generations will love the idea of having a fashionable item that can also carry their data on the USB flash drive. The great news is you can still place your company’s logo on the wristband USB and get your business out there.

Credit Card USB

There are endless ways of personalising and customising the USB credit cards, thanks to their generous printing surface and ingenious design. You can even print them as business cards and make sure your business card never ends up lost in some drawer or thrown away. They can fit in any wallet, and they can bring your brand a lot of positive attention.

USB Web Key

These amazing little devices can help more customers reach you whenever they need your services. Connected to a computer, a USB Web Key will direct the receiver to your website, Facebook page or promotional web catalogue.

USB Pens

The USB pens are really attractive and efficient, because they offer a quality pen with a USB flash drive incorporated. This way, they can be great to reach audiences of all ages. They are also really sophisticated and refined.

Bamboo USB sticks

The Bamboo USB sticks are great devices if your company wants to make a statement and be more environment-friendly. Also, they are great for eco businesses or foundations. A beautiful example of how technology and ecology can go hand in hand to protect our planet.

Bottle Opener with USB flash

If you are in the industry of refreshments or beer, this is the ideal promotional USB for you! USB bottle openers make a great gift and can get noticed right away! What can be cooler than a gadget that helps you open your beer, while carrying all your important digital data?

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