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Best practices to save your Promotional USB Flash Drive Budget


If you want to buy Promotional USB Flash Drives in order to promote your business, but you don’t have a large budget and you want to spend it really careful, here are some advices on how to get the best quality for the budget you have.

As the economy is slowly showing signs of improving, still companies where hit and they had to cut down the marketing budgets in order to survive the economical crisis that struck this past few years. Companies are now more careful then ever and budgets are still relatively thin. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your Promotional USB sticks.

How much memory do you need on an USB Stick?

All kinds of USB sticks memory capacities are available, but you have to consider you don’t always need the largest capacity, because most of the time, it will remain unused. Costs depend on the storage size and you can save some money by choosing smaller sizes, but if you choose the absolute smallest storing capacities, it may send out the wrong message and make you and your brand look cheap.

Our advice is to choose a medium, general accepted memory capacity, which is usually between 2GB and 4GB which can ensure you your partners and customers will actually use your promotional stick. You can also brand different kinds of memory capacities, so that you can give your special partners or customers a special “Thank you” gift in the form of a higher capacity memory stick.

Can you place an early-order?

We all know that anything last minute costs more, so try planning ahead and ordering early may save you a lot of money, and you can use the remaining budget for other marketing campaigns. On the other hand, if you need very short lead times, you may have less personalising options since you will have to choose something already in stock, or you will have to pay a premium price.

You should know that a long term strategy is a great advantage and being able to plan ahead is an important part of your business, so try to think about buying your promotional USB sticks as early as you can. Also, try to avoid placing your orders during the peak demand periods of the year.

How many colours do you need?

You have to know you can save some money by choosing fewer colours for your personalised promotional USB sticks. Consider simplifying your message and reducing the number of shades, while still delivering the same promotional message and logo. Also, keep in mind that some USB sticks have a small printing area, so a clean, simple logo may also have a bigger impact than an elaborate, detailed one.

Do you need gift boxes?

Usually, the supplier offers for packaging are poly bags or plain white box. If the gift boxes are not included in the supplier offer, think if you really need them, since they may coast extra. It’s important to establish how you will deliver the promotional USB’s, and weather you will attach them to a larger package, hand them over yourself or send them via post office.

Do you need any pre-load data?

If you need preloaded data on your promotional USB sticks, like catalogues, presentations, price lists or any pictures or videos, you should know you have to send your data as soon as you place the order, before the manufacturing process. If you change your mind and you want any data loaded after your products are manufactured, there is a usually a small fee involved.

Keep in mind that even if everyone is struggling to get out of the financial crisis, and you can save some budget following our advices, usually what you pay is what you get, so if you see a really cheep offer, the quality will be lower and there might be something wrong with the product. Always purchase USB Sticks from a trusted USB Company manufacturer.

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