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Advantages of the Credit Card USB Flash Drives


Nowadays, the custom USB flash drives are the most popular marketing tool, and every business is using them to get more attention, customers and fans. In this enthusiastic environment, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

In the early days of USB flash drives, the choice of design and memory capacity was limited, and the most common used design was a simple rectangular shape with a removable cap. Since then, the design evolved pretty quickly, thanks to the huge success the USB sticks had. Now we can purchase USB flash drives in all shapes, colours and memory capacities, and the challenge is how to make people love the design of the USB drives, while still giving companies the possibility to brand them to promote their products or services. One USB flash drive design that manages to accomplish both those tasks is the Credit Card USB. Both users and companies love the new shape of the USB sticks.

The secret of the Credit Card USB’s success is that it uses a standard shape and size that is already used by most people in the world and is proven to be really practical and useful. This way, it has all the advantages of using the Credit Card shape, while still adding the “wow” factor, determined by the fact that it has a different use as a USB stick.

The credit card USB flash drives have the most popular design available on the market, and here are a few reasons why:

  • They have a huge print area compared to other USB sticks. You can add detailed graphics and even contact details, which would have been impossible on a standard USB stick.
  • The credit card design is already really familiar, so the users don’t have to get used to a new shape.
  • They are only 2mm thick, and they fit well into any purse, wallet or pocket.
  • The print looks fantastic on them, making a great impact on your potential clients. The large area gives you the opportunity to get creative.
  • They are light to carry so they can be mailed in a standard envelope, without needing a complicated packaging. This way, delivery prices may be significantly lower.
  • Memory sizes can range from 128MB to 16GB, regardless of the thin shape.
  • They look fantastic but the price is not significantly higher than the price of any other USB sticks.
  • The printing time takes only between 7 to 10 days.

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