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Q. How much data can a memory stick hold?

A. The following is a reference on the capacities available and how they could be used
64 MB (1200 pages of text, 40 photos and 4 MP3 music files)
128 MB (2400 pages of text, 80 photos and 8 MP3 music files)
256 MB (4800 pages of text, 160 photos and 16 MP3 music files)
512 MB (9600 pages of text, 320 photos and 32 MP3 music files)
1 GB (20000 pages of text, 640 photos and 64 MP3 music files)
2 GB (over 40000 pages of text, 1200 photos and 128 MP3 music files)
4 GB (over 80000 pages of text, 2400 photos and 256 MP3 music files)
8 GB (over 160000 pages of text, 4800 photos and 512 MP3 music files)
16 GB (over 320000 pages of text, 96000 photos and 1024 MP3 music files)
32 GB (over 640000 pages of text, 192000 photos and 2048 MP3 music files)

Q. What does USB stand for?

A. Universal Serial Bus

Q. Do you have other styles of USB?

A. Yes, please contact us to discuss further

Q. Do you offer discount for bulk orders?

A. Yes, we can offer more competitive pricing on larger orders

Q. Do you offer a fulfillment service?

A. Yes, we can arrange fulfillment, additional charges will apply

Q. Do they come with a keyring attatchment?

A. Yes, all our models come with key threads

Q. Can you deliver next day?

A. Yes, next day delivery is available on the Twister model in the London area, extra courier charges apply

Q. What type of memory do you use?

A. We only use grade A memory from Micron, Hynix, Intel or Samsung

Q. Can USB’s be individually personalised?

A. Yes, we can arrange it so each drive has a unique name, number, bar code or any other parameter. Simply send us a spreadsheet with the information and we’ll create it

Q. Do you offer packaging?

A. Yes, we offer the following, mini pp box, White satin bag and Tin Box

Q. Can you do double sided printing?

A. Yes, it’s available on our Twister model

Q. What format do you need logo in?

A. Ideally we require artwork in vector graphics( .eps or .ai file format) or at least 300DPI

Q. How much is delivery?

A. Delivery starts from £20 and increases according to the size of the order. Same day or next day deliveries will incur an additional charge

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

Q. Do you offer a pre-load service?

A. Yes, we can pre-load in house

Q. Can you deliver abroad?

A. Yes, we can deliver worldwide, lead times will be slightly longer.

Q. What are the lead times?

A. We guarantee delivery in 5 days UK wide, if you have a shorter deadline we might still be able to help

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. Yes, our minimum order is 25 pieces

Q. What is the delivery time?

A. We are normally able to deliver your order within 10-14 working days.